Maikonocha Honpo

From Kyotanabe, Kyoto

Maker of “Gyokuro Chocolate Okaki” and “Gyokuro Candy”

Based in Kyotanabe, Kyoto since 1970, Maikonocha Honpo's foundation is rooted in tea production, adhering closely to the original production principles inherited from the past.


"Delivering The Best Tea to Our Customers"

Since 1970, the foundation of Maikonocha Honpo is rooted fundamentally in tea production. Even in today’s practices, we adhere closely to the old-fashioned production principles inherited from the past, striving daily under our corporate policy of “delivering the best tea to our customers”.

Located in Kyotanabe City, Maikonocha Honpo offers a wide selection of sweets and snacks made with high-quality tea. We invite you to visit us and consider our products as cherished souvenirs for your loved ones. - Mr. Nakabo (中坊) & Mr. Matsuda (松田), Sales Representatives (営業担当)

Kyotanabe, The Land of Gyokuro Tea


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