From Kyoto

Maker of "Amedama Ball Candy" and "Sakuranbo Cherry Stick Candy" (August Box)

Established in 1864, Itoken started out by making kawara-senbei on the approach to Inaba-do or Byodo-ji Temple.


Humble Beginnings from Kyoto

"Established in 1864, our company started out by making kawara-sembei (tile-shaped rice crackers) on the approach to Inaba-do or Byodo-ji Temple."

With "Handicrafts of Kyoto" in mind, we have been working hard to develop and sell a variety of unique confectionery." - Ms. Fujinami (藤浪), JR East Retail Support Team Representative (東日本リテールサポートチーム)

Made-in-Kyoto Artisanal Confectionery


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