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Maker of "GIN-NO-TEIAN (Hand Grilled Rice Crackers)"

Established in 2004 as a wholesale distributor for Akita souvenirs, Kanaeya has since launched their very own rice cracker brand to introduce products using Akita's homegrown rice.


Taste The Rich Flavours of Akita Rice

Our company was established in 2004 as a wholesale distributor of Akita sightseeing souvenirs. Since our current president joined the company 11 years ago, we began producing confectionery in-house, and in June 2019, we launched the rice cracker brand “Teian” (米菓匠鼎庵).

"We hope that by tasting one of our rice crackers, you can experience the craftsmanship that goes into making these fluffy and crispy rice crackers by hand, which is a cultural symbol of Japan, even in this day and age." - Mr. Saito (齊藤), Sales Representative

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