From Tokyo & Saitama

Maker of "Sakura Karinto"

Established in 1895, Marui Suzuki is a wholesaler company specialising in confectionery.


"Tradition × Innovation"

Specialising in traditional sweets infused with a modern take, Nihonbashi Nishikihorin (日本橋錦豊琳) by Marui Suzuki embodies the concept of “tradition × innovation”, reinterpreting them for today’s taste while paying close attention to the quality of ingredients and production methods.

"Greetings from all of us here at Marui Suzuki! Our confectionery brand Nihonbashi Nishikihorin prides itself by selling sweets and snacks that have been handed down in Japan for centuries with a modern twist. Apart from our popular karinto products such as Burdock Root Karinto and Sakura Karinto, we also sell a variety of other seasonal flavours depending on the season, so please be sure to visit us when you come to Japan." - M. Kawahara (河原), Sales Representative

Karinto from Nihonbashi Nishikihorin


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