From Ebisu, Tokyo

Maker of "Daikichi Blend Drip Bag Coffee"

Specialty coffee shop founded in 2011 in Ebisu, Tokyo, with the motto "Just one cup of coffee will make you happy".


"Just One Cup of Coffee Will Make You Happy"

Sarutahiko Coffee roasts their own coffee, and they believe that they can connect coffee farmers and customers at a fair price with their carefully selected self-branded coffee beans. Sarutahiko Coffee now operates 22 stores in Japan, including one at Aqua Ignis Sendai in Miyagi Prefecture.

"We are a coffee-specialty shop founded in 2011 in Ebisu, Tokyo. Our motto is "Just one cup of coffee will make you happy." - Ms. Akazawa (赤澤), Sales Representative

Beans From The World, Roasted in Japan


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