From Obuse, Nagano

Maker of "Shinshu Obuse Chestnut Langue de Chat"

Founded in the year 1949, Takachiho is a leading company in the souvenir industry. They recently won the Koshinetsu Area Prize in the JR East Omiyage Grand Prix 2023.


Takachiho's Prized Snack: Shinshu Obuse Chestnut Langue de Chat

The Shinshu Obuse Chestnut Langue de Chat snack presented in March 2024's Omiyage Snack Box is a product created from the local specialty “Obuse chestnuts” harvested in the town of Obuse, located in the northern part of Shinshu. "We were thrilled from the moment of entry when the product had been nominated in the Omiyage Grand Prix 2023 (held by JR East), which we had developed with great effort to make use of local ingredients through our sales office in Nagano. Moving forward, we hope that our award-winning Shinshu Obuse Chestnut Langue de Chat will become a staple Shinshu souvenir, and that more and more people will be delighted to receive it."

"At the Omiyage Grand Prix 2023, this snack been endorsed as a souvenir that "everyone wants to give" and "everyone wants to recommend", so we hope you will enjoy this snack that is full of Obuse chestnuts, while thinking of Shinshu’s original landscape." - Ms. Matsuyama (松山), Marketing Representative

From Obuse, to the World


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