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Made from the heart,
from the Land of the Rising Sun.

Meet the people behind the deliciousness of each snack and those who are responsible for bringing you a taste of Japan.

Sourced in Japan &
shipped to you.

We wish to spread the love for Japan through not only snacks and gifts, but also with travel and cultural information about Japan through our monthly Omiyage Snack Box.

Working closely with local Japanese snack makers and suppliers, and curated by staff members of JR East, sit tight as we take you on a gastronomic journey to Japan.

Meet our makers

Azuma Arare Honpo

Maker of "Hokusai-age Japanese Curry Flavour" Azuma Arare was founded in 1910 in the heart of Ryogoku, Tokyo's sumo town, speciali...


Maker of "Ikimachi Shokora Ichigo & Genmai" Made in Tokyo, Edogoshiya creates products where you can feel the essence of Japan...


Maker of "Osaka Candy Popcorn" Gogyofuku is a specialist manufacturer of otsumami (snacks) with approximately 400 items under its ...


Maker of "Yokohama Milk Usagi" & "Matcha Kinako" Hamausagi has been making cute and delicious rabbit-motif Japanese sweets for...

Hinodeya Seika

Maker of ”Kobukaki" (Jan 2024), ""Toyama Black" Glass Shrimp Rice Crackers" Founded in 1924 in Toyama Prefecture, Hinodeya Confect...

Horaiya Honten

Maker of "MOKO" (Feb 2023), "Lemon Amazake" Founded in 1906 as a koji (fermented rice) store, we were the first in the country to ...


Maker of "Amedama Ball Candy" and "Sakuranbo Cherry Stick Candy" (August Box) Established in 1864, Itoken started out by making ka...

Kameya Foods

Maker of "Izu Wasabi Pistachio" Kameya Foods is an authentic Japanese wasabi company from Shizuoka Prefecture, and its history can...

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