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From Kyoto

Maker of “Matcha Crystal Candy”, “Matcha Waffle Cream Sandwich Cookie”, and “Genmaicha (Green Tea with Roasted Rice) Tea Bags”

Founded in 1836 in Uji, Kyoeiseicha Co., Ltd. and their representative brand Morihan is committed to refining the quality of Japanese tea and preserving tea culture.

Preserving Tea Culture in Uji Since 1836

“Founded in 1836 in Uji, one of Japan’s top tea-growing regions renowned for producing premium matcha and gyokuro, our company is committed to refining the quality of Japanese tea and preserving tea culture. With our representative brand Morihan (森半), we have been developing our business in tandem with the evolving history of Japanese tea.”

Visit Uji, The Tea Kingdom

“We welcome you to visit Uji when you are in Japan as you can experience the unique environment that produces Japanese tea. Please stop by our newly-opened tea theme park, TEA SQUARE MORIHAN, which offers a unique tea cultural experience where you can truly savour the deliciousness of Japanese tea and Uji matcha through crafted beverages and confectionery.” – Mr. Okamoto (岡本), Morihan EC Sales Representative (森半EC営業部)

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