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Sizzling Summer

Get ready to pucker up with tangy treats that deliver a burst of citrusy goodness, perfectly balancing sour and sweet. And for those who crave a bit of heat, our selection of snacks featuring some fiery zest will satisfy your spicy desires. Dive into a world of bold tastes and discover how these distinctive flavours can turn any snack into a sizzling summer sensation!


Ichigo Ichie

January 2024

With Love, Izu

February 2024

Tasty Tohoku Treats

March 2024

Spring Beginnings

April 2024

So Much Matcha

May 2024

Yummy Yamagata

June 2024


New Beginnings

January 2023

Rosy Valentine

February 2023

Back To Classics

March 2023

Sakura Blossoms

April 2023

Golden Spring

May 2023

Refreshing Summer

June 2023

Taste of the Sea

July 2023

Summer Hanabi

August 2023

Lunar Festival

September 2023

Tetsudo Encounters

October 2023

Autumn Breeze

November 2023

Merry Citrus

December 2023


Lovers in Hokkaido

February 2022

White Day

March 2022

Oh My! Matsuri

August 2022

Winter Wonderland

December 2022

August 2024: Scale New Heights With Nagano's Natural Splendour And Unique Flavours

Next month, get ready to immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the Shinshuu region, the historical name for Nagano Prefecture. Renowned for its stunning views, including the Japanese Alps, Shinshuu is a summer paradise with its majestic mountain landscapes, crystal-clear alpine lakes, and lush green valleys. From thrilling outdoor adventures to serene retreats in traditional onsen, Shinshuu offers something for everyone. Discover the unique flavours of Nagano, including delectable chestnut, the spicy kick of Shichimi, and more as we unveil the hidden gems and vibrant culture of this captivating region. Prepare for an unforgettable summer journey to the heart of Japan’s natural splendor.

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